Lies & Videotape

John Testa’s recent blog post would be amusing if it wasn’t part of an overall disinformation campaign aimed at Democratic candidates in Westchester. I have repeatedly said I wanted to run a campaign based on the issues – but since the kind of “fake news” and “alternative facts” that Trump employs are being used against me, I have no alternative other than to reply.

Watch the video HERE! NOW!

This video is worth your time watching from start to finish if you care about integrity in your local government.

This video was sent to my campaign and provides a look into Testa’s time as mayor of Peekskill. Hint: the lying stuff isn’t new.


1. Testa asserts that I “was a no-show for the Town of Yorktown Candidate Debate hosted by the Yorktown Chamber of Commerce on October 25th.” This might have been relevant if the Republicans hadn’t refused to be a part of the League of Women Voters October 25th debate and only scheduled their own ‘debate’ for that time and day, when they knew the Dems already had another commitment. Read the Yorktown News story about it here.

2. Testa also complains that I didn’t sign the Republican ‘campaign pledge’ that included attending the above Chamber of Commerce event as one of it’s 7 points. But of course I had already committed to the earlier 10-point ‘ethics pledge’ released by the Democrats. Perhaps it should have contained a commitment to participate in the League of Women Voters debate  – but we don’t play that way. Read The 10-Point Pledge.

3. Can John Testa really be naive enough to equate being “endorsed by” and organization with “running on the ballot line” for that group? My endorsement by the Working Families Party is why the party was seeking petition signatures to add me to their ballot line. They got enough signatures – just not in all the right places. Given the gerrymandered shape of my district it’s easy to mistake homes in District 4 (fellow Democrat Mike Kaplowitz’s district) as being in District 1 (my district). As a result, 6 signatures were considered invalid putting me below the threshold for the ballot lined. The Working Families Party has repeatedly confirmed their endorsement however. If you want to confirm that for yourself, go to the Working Families Party website.

See the endoresement for yourself:

Working Families Endorsement

Testa’s argument is comparable to claiming that I’m not endorsed by the Sierra Club because I don’t appear on a ‘Sierra Club’ line on the ballot—but that is because they don’t have one!

See my Sierra Club endorsement here:

Sierra Club Endorsement

4. Testa also claims that I’ve been practicing without a law license since 2013. An odd claim since I retired in 2012. He actually knows that because one of his sidekicks (see video below) asked me about it at a Forum we both attended on October 7th. I’ve spoken to the Court Administration and am working to correct the website information.

Here are excerpts from my 2012 Social Security Application:

Social Security Application
5. Of course even after you retire, you’re still an ‘attorney.’ That refers to your training —not whether you’re currently practicing. And as for my only record being as “an anti-establishment activist,” here are a couple more images—from my time as founder and first Editor-in-Chief of the Yale Law & Policy Review:
Yale Law & Policy Review

I have shared the honor of being the Yale Law & Policy Review editor and an author with many estemed colleagues, such as:

  • Cyrus Vance – Election Reform
  • Robert Reich – Industrial Policy
  • Francis Fox Piven – Urban Fiscal Strain
  • Joseph Califano, Jr. – Drug Policy
  • Senator Arlen Spector – Children & the State
  • Justice Clarence Thomas  – Affirmative Action
  • Senator Edward Kennedy – Social Welfare Policy
  • Vice President Albert Gore – Biotechnonology
  • Professor Burke Marshall – Civil Rights – Brown v Board of Education
  • Senator Bill Bradley & Representative Richard Gephardt – “Fair Tax” Policy
  • Senator Frank Lautenberg – Computer Education

6. And his claim that I have “no idea what it takes to work in a bipartisan way to solve problems and work through issues” and am “not someone who could sit down and rationally work through issues and successfully work with others to solve problems” is both amusing and easily answered from just two of my positions during my many years as a Wall Street Lawyer:

In front of the New York Stock Exchange with the team of attorneys and paralegals that I supervised.

  • OppenheimerFunds, Inc., Two World Financial Center, New York, New York; Registered Investment Companies: Vice President and Associate Counsel to over one hundred registered investment companies (mutual funds). As the head of the Disclosure Team, I supervised the production and filing of all registration statements, including Prospectuses and Summary Prospectuses, for those funds. I also supervised the organization and launches of over 30 new funds, including state incorporation documents and by-laws and was responsible for all communications with Securities and Exchange Commission fund examiners. I participated in SEC and Investment Company Institute (ICI) working groups and appeared on ICI conference panels including work on the XBRL and Summary Prospectus initiatives. 2005 – 2012
  • Sidley Austin Brown & Wood llp, 787 Seventh Avenue, New York, New York, Pooled Investment Entities Group:
    Attorney supervising the representation of more than fifty registered investment companies for Merrill Lynch mutual funds, including: drafting registration statements; organization, reorganization and dissolution of funds corporations; preparing proxy statements; attending board meetings; preparing and reviewing board minutes, agendas and other corporate records; advising on Securities and Exchange Commission regulations; coordinating assignments and staffing; supervising and training junior associates. 1997 – 2004

Read my entire resume here.

So my opponent either didn’t do any research and simply doesn’t know what he’s talking about (not an attractive quality in an elected official) or else he feels that it’s perfectly OK to lie about things in the hope that no one will catch you (also a serious liability when seeking public office).  You can decide which reason to vote against him you prefer.

By any standards John Testa’s just wrong. Wrong about me, wrong about integrity, and wrong for Westchester County!