Nancy Reflects Northern Westchester’s Values…

A Real County Budget.

Nancy will ensure a sensible budget that provides needed services without placing county assets at risk. Privatizing the Westchester County Airport to fix Astorino’s budget mistakes will not benefit most residents but will create incentives for cost-cuts on safety and environmental protections and will diminish future county income.

Do you want Westchester County to present a real budget with no trickery?


Nancy worked at leading financial services firm as an attorney.

Fair and Equitable County Taxes.

A realistic budget is only half the battle. There is a big difference between not raising taxes and ensuring that a fair tax is paid by all. I will strive to ensure a fair tax system is implemented that allows for managed spending to accommodate Westchester’s people and businesses.

Want to see everyone in Westchester pay their fair share of taxes?

Decommissioning Indian Point

Decommissioning Indian Point

The Indian Point nuclear plant is scheduled to close in under four years.

This will happen despite the frivolous lawsuit brought by the County Executive and my opponent. As a lawyer and concerned Northern Westchester property owner, I will work to make sure that the closure of Indian Point will be done in a responsible manner without jeopardizing our communities’ health and safety and by providing jobs for current employees and replacement revenues for our schools, towns and villages.

Want to ensure jobs for current employees and replacement revenue for local municipalities?

A County government that serves all the people.

Westchester is a large county, with almost a million residents yet some people in its government seem intent on serving the handful of residents who don’t rely on county services: those that can afford a private education for their children, receive good health benefits from their jobs, and don’t have to rely on mass transportation. I will provide a strong voice for the middle- and working-class families that depend on these services and more.

Do you want to Westchester County responsible and accountable to all people?

Access to fair and affordable housing.

This basic necessity is not only the right thing to do, it makes complete economic sense. If we price our lower- and middle-income families out of our county we will do irreparable harm to the county’s economy. I will work to attract reasonably priced housing options to make sure every family has a future in Westchester and that our children can continue to live in the communities they grow up in.

Do you want fair and affordable housing in Westchester instead of expensive law suits?

Job creation in tech

Job protection and business creation

Job protection and creation with an eye to the future.

Nancy wants to begin a county task force to consider how many current jobs in Westchester will be affected by the coming technology boom and how the county can best prepare its residents for family wage employment in the 21st Century. Instead our GOP county administration is shortsightedly removing needed county positions from the job market. It is important to stand up for those working families of Westchester too. Nancy will fight to see that necessary county jobs will not be eliminated simply to appease Republican ideology.

Do you want to the County to promote new business and a family wage for the 21st century?

Improving Westchester County Infrastructure

Infrastructure improvement and jobs

County Infrastructure.

While the new Tappan Zee Bridge is a great start on the part of our State government, county roads, bridges and other vital infrastructure have been ignored for too long under GOP leadership. County infrastructure will have to be repaired and improved. Nancy will work with State legislators and the governor’s office to make sure Westchester infrastructure keeps pace with its residents.

Do you want to improve Westchester’s aging infrastructure and create jobs?

Immigrant Rights needed

Immigrants are an important part of our economy and social fabric

Immigrant rights for a safer community.

Our immigrant families are an important part of the fabric of this county, this state and this country. Not only is the fair treatment of immigrants humane, it is important to our security and to our business community. Nancy will fight to ensure that our immigrant community feels safe from senseless harassment and persecution and that no law-abiding immigrant is hesitant to report an attack or other illegal activity for fear of being deported. That only makes sense for crime prevention and the safety of our children, our seniors, and our families.

Do you want to know hard-working immigrants are safe in this country?

Fighting for YOU.

These issues are vital to the hundreds of residents of District 1 I have been meeting and speaking with since I decided to take on this challenge. I also pledge to continue listening once I’m elected.

You and I are passionate fighters and I’m counting on your support to help me to build a better Westchester. It’s a fight worth having.


Nancy Vann